When debt becomes deadly

I had the privilege of sharing “Utanggalin” to 15 individuals last weekend.  Utanggalin is the freedom from debt seminar/workshop developed by the Wealth With Purpose ministry. 15 participants had the opportunity to learn God’s plan in the middle of a financial storm.  There is sweet rescue from imminent financial harm, and God has made a way out.

During the seminar, participants were given time to share their stories. Yes, it was a tearful and emotionally charged time.

One specific participant, Martha (not her real name), is a wife to a seaman. Their family is deep into debt. I can’t go into details, but their financial pit was so deep that Martha contemplated suicide this month. God intervened when she received the invitation to attend. Oh, God is so good to come exactly at the time of distress!

Sharing this brief story with you because I need you to pray for me. I hold an Utanggalin seminar/workshop 2-3 times a month… FREE.

If you would like to support this campaign, contact me, we should be working together! If you would like to financially support this campaign, thanks!  Please use this link to send help. I will use any help I receive for the following purposes:

  • duplicating seminar workbooks / worksheets
  • purchasing a portable/durable sound system
  • purchasing simple snacks or lunches for participants
  • paying for transportation fares to bring me to the venues

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How can a Pastor negotiate his salary

5 steps to consider in preparing for "the talk"

I LOVE SPEAKING TO PASTORS, I love being in a room filled with so much inertia. I know they will take the presentation, bring it to God and run with it. I can guarantee 100% of them will do honest work and bear so much fruit. It’s like planting the best seed in the best soil.  Such a talented, vibrant and interactive group filled with a genuine thirst to learn.

Here’s our class photo, a very productive time with CBN Asia church partner’s last February 15, 2017. This was the first batch to discuss the following Wealth With Purpose modules:

And here’s a quick summary of the most interesting topic discussed “Negotiating A Pastor’s Salary”. They were all ears! Let me drumroll with this verse to lay down the foundation:

“Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain,” and
“The worker deserves his wages.”
1 Timothy 5:18




Nothing, absolutely nothing, will bear fruit without putting it into sincere prayer before God. If you like to negotiate your salary, you need to talk directly to the Big Boss.  He holds the purse, He holds the operations, everything.


Write your request down, submit and file it. Diligently explain why you need a reasonable salary adjustment.  What made you decide on the “more ideal” level? Perform thorough research, make sure the numbers line-up very well.  Be accurate, honest and firm.  Write your lead pastor and/or write the board.  Be open to occasional meetings, they’re good for you. Engage in sincere discussions.


Wait. Feedback will come. Be patient. During this period, continue being an excellent worker. Shine and continue to interact with respect. This is the “business as usual” period. Don’t push, wait patiently.


Prepare to be asked for more information. A proper forum will surely be set. Wait for God’s timing, plan your follow-up (not too often).


When you finally hear back, trust the message and the messenger. God speaks through your leaders, listen carefully. See the Lord’s hand in the response. He is such a good provider and He will definitely, beyond any shadow of doubt, PROVIDE for you!

We have certainly discussed so much more than this page can handle. If you’d like to bring this seminar to your church or pastoral care group please write me to set an appointment. I am available to walk with you, as you journey in the Lord’s harvest field.



1st Talk in 2017 : Are you struggling to talk about money

What pastors need to know to gain courage & confidence!

I enjoyed talking to 35 faithful CBNAsia Pastors/Partners today at the Asian Center for Missions, Makati.  The topic was based on Pat Robertson’s book, The Secret Kingdom (Law of use and reciprocity) and the Wealth With Purpose module “Are you struggling to talk about money?” and “Why do people GIVE?”.

I’ll gather up a few testimonies/feedback from the participants in the coming days.  We all thank our Lord for blessing this event. I pray to see you all back again on February 15 for part 2!


Would you like to bring this seminar to your church or ministerial fellowship? Press the button below and send me a message!