Coping Financially After a Job Loss

What to do, when the money is gone

I’ve often been asked, “What do you do when you lose your job? You certainly cannot stop the bills from coming on time.”

Good question. And we also cannot ignore that the situation will bring extreme stress to the family.

I’ve been there. I’ve experienced it. I had my doubts, fears, and troubles.

We receive a number of prayer and counseling requests every day at the CBN Asia Prayer Center, asking prayers for financial provision. We hear you when you call, when you cry, and when we pray together. God hears you, too. He listens to every word. He sees every tear breaking your heart.

Look up to the heavens, especially at this difficult time. “Praise God my soul” (Psalm 146:1), praise God. Everything is well.

Let the words from Psalm 46:1-3 encourage your heart. Meditate with your family the truth that…

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. “

Now let’s look at these important steps to take with the situation at hand:

  1. Give. Honor God through giving EVEN through tough times. It speaks volumes about how you PUT GOD FIRST by continuing to give. Let your faith work as God responds. Read Malachi 3:10 and be encouraged at how God will pour immeasurable blessings on you and your household. You will not have enough room to store His blessings!
  2. Pray. Tell God everything. Now’s not the time to be shy. Tell Him what’s in your heart. Be prepared to listen, because God will certainly tell you a lot through His words in the Bible. Follow what He says you need to do.
  3. Review your budget. Sit your family down and review your budget. Make a detailed list of your needs.
  4. Prioritize your expenses. Food and shelter should be numbers 1 and 2. Everything else should be measured strictly. Save on utilities (electricity, water, and gas) and list down everything you spend on.
  5. Things to avoid. Do not spend on entertainment until you get a job and save at least three times of your current salary. This means stopping movie expenses, restaurant meals, unnecessary expenses on clothes, etc.

Let God take an active role in your finances, He loves to provide for you.

Give Him the opportunity to work a miracle right now.

Ask Him to take over.


You are Who God Thinks You Are

Is holiday-caused debt now knocking at your door? Are you now trapped by the “buy now, pay next year” scheme? I know how it feels. I’ve been there. I’ve racked up so much debt in the past that I struggled an entire year to pay it off. Now where do you go from here?  There is hope, not all is lost.

God is able, beyond any shadow of doubt, without any ambiguity, to seriously look after you, your family and any of your immediate needs. Nothing is too small or insignificant, nor too big and daunting to God. He CAN and He WILL carry your burden.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can keep you from having what God wants you to have if you come to Him.

Every time you are pinned down by depressing a financial situation, remember that you are who God thinks you are.

4 money questions I need to answer this year

I need to answer YES to these before I make any purchase

It’s the start of 2017 and I am determined to take all money decisions seriously.  I know it will REALLY be hard for the family to stay the course of discipline, but we have to persevere.  I’ve asked my girls to help the family stay firm with the belief that in 2017, EVERY MONEY DECISION IS A SPIRITUAL DECISION.

And why shouldn’t it be?  The Bible, in Psalms 24:1, says “The earth is the Lordʼs, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it”.

Let me share with you these 4 questions I ask myself before I make any purchase. I need to answer “yes” to each one BEFORE we get anything.

How I saved P2,500 a month by changing 2 things

It can be done, Manila, it can be done!

Aside from my day job, I also work as a part-time virtual assistant. I will do tasks my virtual boss needs me to do for his online business and communication needs. Unlike other businesses, his usually slows down during the holiday season, and that meant there were less tasks to be fulfilled and so when I do not get work, I don’t get paid.

It was rough for us a few months leading to the holidays, but God has always been faithful.  As it says in James, “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him”(James 1:2).

We’re OK now, thank goodness (!), and my girls are all smiling through the experience.

Maybe you’re going through a tough situation right now.  The holidays must have put more pressure on you to spend and it got out of control. It’s time to tighten the purse one more time to pay off those holiday debts.  We have to.

The Start of a Great Journey

begins with the first steps

“Bagong taon ay magbagong buhay!”, do you remember this line? Every Filipino knows by heart this endearing song of our childhood. Itinuro sa atin ito ni Nanay, na tuwing bagong taon, isang bagong buhay ang maaari nating makamit kung tayo ay magbabago AT magsisimula muli. Ang nakaraang mga pagkakamali ay kapulutan natin ng mga aral para hindi na nga maulit ngayong bagong taon.

Ganyan din po sa usaping pananalapi. Our past financial trials and difficulties should be a firm lesson for us to learn from. The New Year is a blessing, an opportunity for us to begin our journey to financial success and freedom!

Halina, let’s take the first steps to a great and bountiful year of blessings!