What you value determines what you do

Listening to the Craig Groeschel leadership podcast this morning, and it’s like coming from a dinner table and enjoying every spoonful. Very insightful message for leaders.  Highly recommended for all who needs to be charged full.

Until God sees His face

4 things leaders do in difficult times

Amy Carmichael tells of visiting a goldsmith in an Indian village where the goldsmith would repeatedly put a small vessel containing gold over a fire, then removed it to take off the dirt, and put it back over the fire.

“How do you know when it is finished?” a bystander asked the smith. “Ah,” he said, “when I see the reflection of my face in the gold, I know it is done.”

As leaders, God constantly places us under His fire. He does this so that he can take away all the dirt and imperfections. He does this until He sees the reflection of His face in our lives.

James 1:2-4 “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

Leaders, if you’re facing difficult times ahead (or even today), let me share with you these 4 awesome ways that will help you stand your ground. It is in this season you are called, lead with God:

  1. Communicate continually, honestly – people will look to you for direction, they will wait for instruction. Whatever you say, how you say it, even your non-verbal gestures will communicate your confidence. Show 100% dependence on God’s rescue. You’re people need hope, real hope. They need to see you TRUST GOD.
  2. Embrace this time, face it, love it – God is sovereign and this difficult situation is a part of His plan. Love it. God will build you up, change you up.
  3. Move forward, charge, never ever retreat – resist the call of defeat and isolation, this is not God’s way.  Step forward in faith. I know it’s difficult, but you just have to TRUST GOD to defend you.
  4. Cheer those around you, stay above the “mess” – you’re not alone, people around you are also experiencing this season.

Leadership Gold

“Every leader faces tough times — and that’s when leaders distinguish themselves and show who they really are.”

I have been through very difficult situations as a leader. These are times I preferred to just disappear because, honestly, I often caused the mess. Experience has made me realize the value of owning the mistakes.  Do not pass the blame. Take it, cherish it and pay the price… then move on.

Did you mess up in 2016 ?

5 ways to help get your career back on-track!

As a leader, you need to know the great difference between living in history and learning from it. Was 2016 a leadership disaster? Did you steer the ship a little or totally off course? Were people hurt? Dapat mong malaman na hindi ito ang katapusan ng pagiging leader mo, may pag-asa ka pa na baguhin ang pamumuno mo ngayong 2017.

If you’re a leader who has lost a round, there’s always hope to regain your fight to win the match this 2017.

Tough time, but what a connection!

Read what leaders believe.

I’ve never met a leader who gave up.  They just don’t! Are you being knocked down every time? Talong-talo na ba ang feeling mo at handa ka nang mag-give up? Read the verse above, and look at how God assures leaders.  In His mind, His leaders are winners!

KAHIT ANO pa ang pinagdaraanan mo, panalo ka pa rin kasi backup mo S’ya!

Paul experienced the very worst from life.  He was beaten, jailed, shipwrecked and suffered persecution. If he was convinced of this, if he can say and write those words above, then it is REALLY the truth.

I know you’re going through a lot… hang on. You have the winning connection!

You have God’s love, and nothing can EVER separate you from Him.  Nothing!