Make a commitment to something and stick to it because that ultimately is what will set you free.

– Jacqueline Novogratz : is an American entrepreneur and author. She is the founder and CEO of Acumen, a non-profit global venture capital fund whose goal is to use entrepreneurial approaches to address global poverty.

It’s strange that officemates talk about the future; businessmen speculate about the future; and friends plan for the future.

YET everytime I look at my children, I see the future!


Francis Kong
One Day At A Time (Manila: CSM Publishing, 2002), 19

Tough time, but what a connection!

Read what leaders believe.

I’ve never met a leader who gave up.  They just don’t! Are you being knocked down every time? Talong-talo na ba ang feeling mo at handa ka nang mag-give up? Read the verse above, and look at how God assures leaders.  In His mind, His leaders are winners!

KAHIT ANO pa ang pinagdaraanan mo, panalo ka pa rin kasi backup mo S’ya!

Paul experienced the very worst from life.  He was beaten, jailed, shipwrecked and suffered persecution. If he was convinced of this, if he can say and write those words above, then it is REALLY the truth.

I know you’re going through a lot… hang on. You have the winning connection!

You have God’s love, and nothing can EVER separate you from Him.  Nothing!