Why I like storing my “other stuff” away

A review of EC Storage

I’ve been using EC Storage for about 3 months. We are a family of 3 adults (+1 small pet), living in a 60-square foot condominium unit. Yes, we need to move a lot to storage to keep the home “livable”. Just before the end of 2017, we were studying to either relocate to a 3-bedroom condo unit or rent a small storage room.  We decided the latter, we knew how that 3rd room will look like after a few months.  AND the effort of moving to another place is horrific, really!

So, I reviewed 3 storage companies and have chosen EC Storage for the following reasons:

  • ACCESSIBILITY. It was very near our place and I’d like to keep everything within reach, so having a storage facility 300 meters away from home is good. If I needed anything, it was just a few corners away.
  • SECURITY. I needed my things locked and secure. EC Storage has 24/7 CCTV and a guard on duty. This was very important. I don’t own expensive stuff, BUT they all are loved. I like to keep them safe.
  • AFFORDABILITY. After giving a lot of stuff to family, friends, and neighbors, I thought it was a wise financial decision to rent storage space for those items we still like to keep. Visit the EC Storage website to know their price matrix. I thought it is one of the best available.
  • CONVENIENCE. They’re active on FaceBook! This was the best. I really like their FB Response time, less than a minute! I’d PM them on FB to tell them I’m on my way with a box to store. They’re ready with a pushcart to help me wheel my stuff in my storage unit.

If you’re looking for reliable storage service, visit EC Storage today on the web. Or PM them on FB right here.