When debt becomes deadly

I had the privilege of sharing “Utanggalin” to 15 individuals last weekend.  Utanggalin is the freedom from debt seminar/workshop developed by the Wealth With Purpose ministry. 15 participants had the opportunity to learn God’s plan in the middle of a financial storm.  There is sweet rescue from imminent financial harm, and God has made a way out.

During the seminar, participants were given time to share their stories. Yes, it was a tearful and emotionally charged time.

One specific participant, Martha (not her real name), is a wife to a seaman. Their family is deep into debt. I can’t go into details, but their financial pit was so deep that Martha contemplated suicide this month. God intervened when she received the invitation to attend. Oh, God is so good to come exactly at the time of distress!

Sharing this brief story with you because I need you to pray for me. I hold an Utanggalin seminar/workshop 2-3 times a month… FREE.

If you would like to support this campaign, contact me, we should be working together! If you would like to financially support this campaign, thanks!  Please use this link to send help. I will use any help I receive for the following purposes:

  • duplicating seminar workbooks / worksheets
  • purchasing a portable/durable sound system
  • purchasing simple snacks or lunches for participants
  • paying for transportation fares to bring me to the venues

Visit my EVENTS PAGE for more information.



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