Why others are getting ahead of you!

4 EASY steps to wake up at 4AM everyday.

If every hour is worth a million pesos, what would you do with 24 million? How will you save it? How will you spend it? Will you invest it? Or throw it away? How will you use 115,200 heart beats, 28,000 eye blinks, 25,000 breaths, 5,000 steps? These are the investments a day brings, and all of us have it.

Matagal mo nang nai-plano na gumising ng maaga, pero mukhang #failnanaman. There are many benefits to waking up early pero #hiraplagi ano? Ok, I hear you. Try ulit natin.

Let me share with you The TOP 5 benefits of waking up early:

  1. It’s good for your body – an average human being has about 325 joints and moving each one makes you healthy.
  2. It’s good for the mind – mentally preparing for the day ahead leads to a stress-free living.
  3. It’s good for your faith – reconnect with God as early as you can. Spend these early times in gratitude for all He has provided for you.
  4. It’s good for your family – do not rush a simple smile or a heartfelt “Good morning!” to your loved ones. Start early, cherish more moments.
  5. It’s good for your job/studies – come to work/school early, relaxed and ready for the tasks at hand.

Ngayong alam mo na ang benefits, heto naman ang P.L.A.N. natin para magising ka ng maaga araw-araw:

  1. Place an ALARM near you – if its difficult to consistently wake up at 4AM, you need help. Set your mobile phones to wake you up.
  2. Learn to say NO and plan your nights – set yourself up for success. Your body needs rest. If you need 7 hours of sleep, then sleep at 9PM.
  3. Assume a morning time template for 21 days – Research discovered that it takes 21 days of repeated activity before it becomes a habit. If this works, congratulations! If it doesn’t we both need to find another way. The key is finding a template that’s compatible with you. For example, you can begin at 4:30AM or even 5:30AM, this will depend on how you plan your night.
  4. Name an accountability partner or two – have a friend or family check-up on you every night. Give them the power to be firm with you and keep you faithful to your goal.

Here’s my personal template and I’m giving it to you, free to use. Makakatulong ito at ang suggestion ko pa nga ay i-print mo ito at idikit sa paligid ng kwarto mo. The first few hours of the morning are critical, antok ka pa nga, so kung naka dikit ang schedule na ito sa pader, tiyak mapapadali ang umaga mo.

Your mornings can be very different and I think you need to invest more of your time to productivity. You can do it, I believe you really can!

Jim Reyes is an I.T. Director, a veteran radio broadcaster, and recently the national director of a Christian media ministry. He has been involved with broadcasting ministries such as FEBC Philippines, United Christian Broadcasters, TransWorld Radio Philippines and The Christian Broadcasting Network - CBN Asia.

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