Writing the “perfect” copy is a myth, there’s no such a thing!  I think a sales copy is like a living organism that grows from an initial form, then dramatically changes as you see how readers react to it.

Keeping a sales copy the same is like trying to sell to the SAME PERSON who bought your product! I say keep the copy as it is until you’ve exhausted that demographic.  Change it immediately once you’ve seen the stats plateau. Then change one more time until all the demographics you have under your sleeve is done.



I’ve always wondered why the delete button was twice as large as my alphanumeric keys, until today’s epiphany, Whatever I type (a script, a story, hundreds of lines of program code, a sales page, a sales funnel or simply a blog post), and no matter the hours it took me to type it, 80% will be at the mercy of this BIG delete button.


Any content you do will NEVER work 100% after publication. There are  adjustments you need to take, as time goes by, to make your work resonate or be relevant to people who read it, use it, or share it.

– New information recently discovered

– New content from a thought leader



What if there was no [delete] key on our computers? Everything will be a huge mess, everything will never make sense, everything


It’s my redemption from A BAD COPY!


Doesn’t matter how well, I think, I know my intended audience. The real test is how my audience knows my creation exists.






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