Connect With Nature with the Birdy Buddy.


Crowdfunding is a great experience. Naturally happy people, like you, share what makes them happy, and people know and love supporting happy people. Crowdfunding platforms (like Indiegogo and Kickstarter) CAN provide such awesome benefits to entrepreneurs like you.

FOCUS is the key. Know what to do and what you can pass on to helpers like me.

Let’s talk about your campaign ideas.

A simple proposition, perfectly timed.  

Kudos to the team!

With the world spending hours indoors this campaign is a lifeline, a glimmer of hope, to sanity. It wasn’t therefore a surprise that Birdy Buddy raised close to $3 million and with 18 more days before campaign ends. While it wasn’t the main pain point, people believed that the Bird Buddy gave them a worthwhile activity of “life outside”. People had much less to do that watching life outside their windows is now prime comodity.


THE VIDEO was all that was needed to sell Bird Buddy. Perfectly written and shot for its target audience, young adults trying to figure out what to give their nature loving selves, parents, friends and associates for Christmas. I wouldn’t scroll down any further, I’d guess people hit the “Back This Project” button right away.

Sealing the drive to support Bird Buddy is the effective presentation of its features, unlocking levels took days, some hours. Line-by-line, this campaign has successfully amplified the “need”.



IS IT SQUIRREL PROOF? I thought the campaign needed to mention this because squirrels, aside from birds, are natural feeders of any food you put out. Perhaps a “skirt” may be a good accessory to deter the “competition”.

VIDEO : I am unsure why it was shot at low light. A perfectly lit Bird Buddy would have been more enticing. The still photos helped highlight this instead.

ACCESSORIES : I thought using accessories in “packages” with Birdy Buddy would improve the reward matrix.  Accessories play a major role in a crowdfunding campaign. A “skirt” to deter squirrels or other “competition”. A “rain coat” to protect it from the elements. And Birdy Buddy sizes for the bigger breeds.

REWARD TIER : I thought it seem to be missing one level. the 3x Bird Buddy level jumps immediately to the 12x Bird Buddy. I think that is a huge void, specially for folks who would like to just get 5-7x Bird Buddies.

SOCIAL MEDIA : Birdy Buddy needs to step-up on social media with a solid communication plan. It may break post-campaign sales if the social authority isn’t there to build the powerful inertia that has been set.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT : The team needs to establish a support channel for Birdy Buddy. The campaign has sold to  about 15,000 customers, and setting up electronic products are default on support line.





I wish the team well as it looks like it will be one H-U-G-E fulfillment task ahead. I would specially work on managing expectations, immediately when the campaign closes.

This post is not a full audit of the Bird Buddy crowdfunding campaign. I am only highlighting a few areas that I think is really good to note for learning purposes only.